Friday, March 27, 2015

Maurice Solo game concluded

Managed to finish my solo game with Maurice rules over last few days.

Prussians came out winners as their right wing oblique attack proved too strong for Russians and rest of Army too slow at trying to reinforce that wing.

Nice slick and fast game play and I love the decisions the cards engender each phase.

Prussian attack goes in

Objective well defended but ultimately doomed

Stalwart defence by Russian Horse Grenadiers on Russian left with a reserve Regiment of Foot Grenadiers arriving belatedly

The full weight of Prussian attack bears down

Valiant Horse Grenadiers defend their hilltop as Prussian foot sweeps past

Refused Prussian left wing small but enough to keep opposing Russians worried

Horse Grenadiers put to Rout eventually and Russians about to be outflanked and crumble

Frederick victorious Infantry

Russian second line tries to redeploy

Prussian Cuirassier and Dragoons who made hard work of defeating Russian horse

The flank is turned and Russian Artillery overrun and their Army Morale collapses

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