Sunday, March 22, 2015

Maurice solo SYW

Inspired by Sam Mustafa's excellent Blucher rules I decided to give Maurice a retread as ages since I tried this set.

Set up my Seven Years War Russians versus my Prussians for a quick game.
Only part way through but really enjoying this.

Prussians are attacking with Russians ensconced on the objective (central hill) but with Freddie trying his standard oblique attack.

Prussians mainly Trained types with 2 Elite Grenadiers and 1 Elite Horse (Garde Du Korps).
Russians with Trained types, only a single Elite unit of Grenadiers) but a 4:1 advantage in Artillery.
Prussians have Cadance Step and Lethal Volleys and Russians have Steady Lads and Rally To The Colours as National Traits.

Nice dichotomy between using the card values to activate forces and their tactical advantages or events.
The Russian guns have dished up some punishment to Prussian targets (blue dice).

Prussians refusing their left and pushing forward on their right

The holding units on refused flank taking a few Disruptions from Russian guns

Oblique advance develops 

Russians line the objective

Prussian horse seek to clear way Russian counterparts from flank of their advancing foot

Prussian hand

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