Tuesday, March 17, 2015

More Catching Up.....The Return...............

Busy here again but did manage to get some gaming in (including Pbem stuff)

Managed a game of No Retreat! with my Dad which I narrowly won as Soviets when Initiative changes on Turn 12.
Great game this and so playable.

Also a 'live' game of Blucher against Stephen using my 1813-14 French against his Russians.
We both enjoyed this and like its playability and feel fpr Corps level game.
Abstractions abound but it simply works for scale it is set at and another hit from Mr Mustafa.
I fielded two Infantry Corps one of which was Guard and a Cavalry Corps.
The Russians had 4 Infantry Corps containing several Guard and Grenadier types and two Cavalry Corps.

I also joined in an ACW game using Across A Deadly Field (by the late John Hill) at Stephens with his brother.
A Regimental level set that seems quite complex at first glance but plays quite quickly (much more so than Johnny Reb) but retains a lot of period flavour.
I have the rules on iPad but must get a physical version (and maybe some ACW troops !!)

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