Saturday, October 17, 2015

L'Art De La Guerre - Romans versus Selecuid

Played another LADG game this time facing Stephens Selecuids with my Romans.
Another superb game with us trying Ambushes, Pikes, Cataphracts, Allies, Elephants & Impetuous types.
Roman Legions are decent against Pike (well except for my Elite Legion !!) but Roman mounted have no real answer to Cataphracts (other than to try to avoid).
I had a Pergamene Allied command which of course was Unreliable at start (first of usual deluge of rolls of one !!!!!!!!).
However their inactivity was a boon of sorts as they held up two enemy commands who were reluctant to close and activate them until later in game.
In LADG once you commit troops it is much harder to extract them due to lower Pip levels than in DBMM or FOG.
Romans fought valiantly but eventually succumbed to Antiochus and his army.
Great stuff again and this set has really awakened our interest in Ancients.
Goodness knows when I will get 'To The Strongest' or 'Sword and Spear' rules in action again !?

Impressive Phalanx

Elite Legion awaits

And Standard types

Subject Gallic troops who were run over by Cataphracts before getting to grips with Pikes

Oncoming Phalanxes

Supporting Thracians

Roman Skirmishers advance to delay

Cataphracts bearing down on the Celts

Pergamenes emerge to engage Greek right

Pike and Pilum clash

Elite Legion in trouble

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