Tuesday, October 06, 2015

L'Art De La Guerre another game

Managed to squeeze in a game of LADG with Stephen this weekend.
I used Avar against his Carolingian Franks (with Charlemagne in charge).
Another interesting game and use of 'shooty' type armies requires a bit of thought especially light cavalry (a different beast from DBMM)
I did manage to use a successful flank attack which can appear anywhere on designated flank edge not just the enemy half.
Once units get into combat we are finding things get bloody and decisive but in a good way.
Impetuous troops and uncontrolled charges require a bit of careful reading especially for PIP costs.
In LADG if troops charge uncontrolled they count a -1 in combat due to disorder so care required getting such nasties into combat especially as they usually count as Furious in charge meaning they inflict double damage if they win.
LADG has certainly sparked a desire in us to revisit Ancients period games.

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