Saturday, October 10, 2015

L'Art De La Guerre bug keeps biting......

Another game with LADG !

I used Maurikian Byzantine and Stephen use Abbassid Arab slightly out of historical sync but not jarringly so.
Byzantines have a mighty Command value of +6 allowing to simulate high organization of their forces.

Another enjoyable and bloody game (my ability to roll a one when opponent rolls a 6 remains unfettered !)

We did have a fairly major brain teasing session with rules over Group Moves and ZOCs but think we got it sorted in the end.

Several Dbmm 'legacies' creep into our thoughts which we need to unlearn I suspect.

Every time we play a game we are specualting on which army match-ups to try next which is always a good sign.
We both feel LADG is a sort of Dbmm/FOG hybrid in many ways but with enough uniqueness for us to enjoy.
Both love the lesser number of PIP points available and how single element/unit moves are less key (no 'hard' flanking here), indeed the game plays how we originally thought DBMM was played with much more group movement and less of those fiddly micro moves.
This reduction in PIP allowance allows means harder to do the DBMM 'parting of the Red Sea' effect with Regular types or watching armies constantly marching from flank to flank.

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