Saturday, April 16, 2016

Shako a couple of solo turns played (and new arrivals)

Managed to get a couple of turns of my solo Shako 2 game done over past couple of days (an hour here an hour there).

As couple of posters asked to see how game proceeded I took several pics.

Short blurb to accompany these which I hope give bit of flavour of game thus far.

The coloured pipe-cleaners equate to
Yellow - Staggered
White - Blown Cavalry
Red - Fall Back (1 chance to Rally or Broken)
White puffs are shooting units

Opinions sought on the look of latest table top base terrain.
These are greeny/gray carpet tiles which I have tried to colour with various shades of green, brown and yellow with small areas flocked.
Thinking I could do with some more lighter green/yelloy areas ?

The Battle:

Prussian Artillery opens up causing a Stagger on target but nothing with 'bounce through' on following unit.

French Heavy Cavalry Division forming up to charge (under Attack orders)

A Division of Prussian Grenadiers has advanced to seize hill (Attack then Defend orders) with Jager thrown out as skirmish screen.

Two French Infantry Divisions (Guards on right) advance (Attack orders)

French Infantry on left have advanced and now of Defend order in support.

Overview of table with French Guard Cavalry Division stuck in Reserve mode as 2 of the ADC I sent with orders to attack failed to reach them (third seen approaching them)

First clash on French right as Heavy Cavalry assaults Prussian Dragoons and their Cannons. One Prussian Dragoon has charged in support into flank of French Dragoon (not actually counting as full Flank Charge however)

Jagers skirmishing (they fire at 6" compared to Formed units at 4") and causing Stagger

The mounted melee from Prussian perspective

French Skirmishers in action in centre

Gap showing on French flank as Guard Cavalry sit in Reserve (I would have been better with a Timed Order)

The initial Melee resolved with Prussian guns destroyed. French Dragoons in Fall Back status and tye Prussian Dragoons have performed Break Though Charges on following French Dragoon which suffered a Stagger as pals fell back (note the Blown markers do not take effect until turn end)

Post Breakthrough melee the French Dragoons both in Fall Back status and all Cavalry that fought a melee not Blown (need to spend a turn Reforming to recover)

Overview of Prussian lines

And French lines

The whole battlefield

As to the new stuff a couple of items arrived this week

Latest supplement for Battle Group rules

And from GMT Games

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