Saturday, April 23, 2016

Die Kriegskunst game played

Game played today against Stephen using Die Kriegskunst rules Austrians versus Prussians.
These are a derivative of General De Brigade for Seven Years War.
Last tried these in 2013 (3 yrs ago !!!! yikes !!! really !!!) .

A set with a lot of good ideas (from GDB) such as the orders system but lacking a lot of clarity at times.

Simple things like 'Uphill' are mentioned on QRS but not defined in rules.
Not a biggie as such but not sure we can be bothered sorting out basic stuff like this.
Another was that in rules units are noted as Testing Morale after taking 10% casualties but QRS shows 25% (which we went with deeming it better level) ??
Others included when do Follow-up Melees occur same turn or next ?
When do recover from Faltering 'next movement phase' (possibly in same turn) as Morale rules state or 'movement phase of next turn' as QRS states ?
I think the author expects players to have an in depth knowledge (that we lack) of GDB to play this set.

Game was slow initially as we got grips with the rules but sped up once we got basics down despite the having to look up a lot of stuff as mentioned.

Shooting, moving, charges and melees all fairly straightforward (in fact charges are exactly that).

We both sort of felt the rules had a lot to like in them but that they are too much hard work without house/local rulings and there are just as good workable sets (Age Of Reason. Field Of Battle, King Of The Battlefield, Die Fighting, Principles of War of Honours Of War to name but a few)
Will we play them again ? maybe but I fear that without constant use we will continue to find them frustrating.

A few pics

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