Thursday, April 28, 2016

Die Kriegskunst a solo retry

Despite having some issues with rule clarity I decided to give these rules another outing with a solo run through using my Prussians and Russians.

Still some of same issues arose and I stuck couple of queries on the DKK forum but not holding my breath for an answer as not a lot of activity thereon.
However if Stephen and I can agree how we will play the rules well then that is how we will play the rules :-)

Even with the outstanding clarifications the game flowed well and went fairly fast (always does once over initial learning hurdle).

Had not really noticed last game but musketry is fairly impotent (certainly compared to Honours Of War) and so I can see why a per 10% casualties Morale Test might indeed be correct.
Generally only 1 or 2 casualties caused (frequently none) unless rolling 10+ (on 2D6) so an attritional model as such.
Conversely Morale Tests can have severe outcomes especially for Brigade Tests.
A Brigade of 2 Unit Cavalry Regiments ceratinly can prove to be brittle as having one unit Retreated/Routed gives a -3 to Brigade Test (for 50% broken).
Nice touch is Prussians getting +1 Morale boost for being on Attack (ie the most aggressive) orders whilst Russian Infantry get +1 for being on Hold orders (least aggressive) simulating their respective aggressive and stoic qualities.

Some pics

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