Saturday, September 30, 2017

L'Art De La Guerre played

Game (and a half) of LADG played today at Stephens.
He wanted to use his Berber army so I fielded most contemporary I have which was Normans in Italy/Sicily circa 1041-1072AD.
This gave me a chance to try Knights in LADG although I had an Arab Ally to give me some troop variety.
An excellent game with the Berber Elite Spearmen proving their toughness against my charging Knights.

Game concluded pretty quickly within 2 hours (a bonus of this set) so we decided to have another game but this time my Normans faced Seljuk Turks.

This provided a match up between Knights and 'Shooty' Cavalry which was an eye opener in that we found that when the Cavalry get to shooting range of 2UD they are invulnerable to Knights because they can evade at 4UD to Knights 3UD so even if Cav roll and deduct 1UD  and Kn add 1UD they will still be 1UD apart.

The Cavalry can then move in own turn (back to 2UD) and then shoot with Kn unable to ever make contact..................nasty to say the least !
Only blocking terrain or troops can foul this up for the Cav.

Of course this does show well how 'proper'' Crusader forces had to rely on their own shooting ability (Bow and Crossbow units) with support of Spearmen to effect the Cav with Kn having to essentially hide or try to target other units.
Did not make for much of game however as simply nothing in my army could contact his (hence only 1/2 a game) !

Interesting stuff and we also really appreciated the fast playing nature of LADG once again.

Normans face the Berber

With support of Aghlabid Arab Allies

Knights in center facing Spearmen

Spearmen on left facing Spears, Javelinmen and Lt Horse

Arab Spearmen suffer shooting hits from massed Bows

Norman Knight massed (fatally) on left flank against Seljuks

Arabs hold the right again

Norman Spears defend a gully in center

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