Monday, December 04, 2017

Battle Group: Market Garden scenario played

Game today using Battle Group rules with a scenario from the latest supplement 'Market Garden'.
Set during final assault on Nijmegen bridge, indeed whilst the famous boat crossing of Waal river is taking place.
Germans (moi) are dug-in within environs of an ornamental park having driven off a previous assault (some destroyed Shermans already on table on road) but now facing a combined attack by British Infantry and Tanks with US Paratroopers (Stephen).
The Germans are out-numbered almost 2-1 but allied approaches are virtually devoid of cover.

A fairly grinding game therefore as Germans pummeled by numbers (and of course some consistently demonic dice rolling by his nibs !!).
My arriving armour support (2 Jagdpanzer IV) were singularly unlucky one succumbing to a direct Artillery hit the other becoming Immobilized (double 1 roll by the demon !) and then Abandoned (inevitable 1 by me on a Morale roll..........sigh) without inflicting any damage to British armour !!).
Germans reached their breakpoint after news (ie another 1 rolled by me) generated 2 BR counters putting me over my 30 Morale level)

Good game with playable set of rules even though I dislike one or two aspects they do allow use of WWII kit and a game in a reasonable amount of time unlike some sets.

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