Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Might & Reason: Paltzig scenario played

Seven Years War game using Might & Reason rules played at mine today with Stephen as Prussians against my Russians defenders.
Scenario depicted Battle of Paltzig (or Kay) July 1759 and designed for M&R.
Great game with Russians stymied by poor Commanders whilst Prussians had excellent Commanders despite having a poor C-in-C (Wedell).
My right wing force of Irregular Light Horse performed sterling service holding up the Prussian Cuirassiers and Hussars (very much battle cavalry in this period).
However once the very maneuverable Prussian foot got to musket range they simply blow away their opponents (they score hot on 5-6 rather than just 6 which is a BIG advantage) destroying 5 units of Russian foot in course of 3 turns.
I did manage to push my heavier cavalry from my left to right flank but their counterattacks were tame to say the least.
We did not finish the game but Prussia was in the ascendancy.
Great set of rules with very nice SYW flavour for the grand tactical scale they are set at (units are Brigades) and one can see the genesis of authors Blucher set in much.
Prussian shooting is maybe a tad overpowered but it sure works to show an advantage.
The system has enough inertia/unpredictability to satisfy my 'war is chaos' leanings but with ways to mitigate (through judicious use of Command Dice) some bad luck but with few guarantees.

The battlefield Prussian set up on right beyond the stream

Russian army in 5 'Forces'

Prussians cross the stream on their left

Russian right wing awaits (ie fail to activate)

Russians center (also immobile)

Russian center and right wing

Fermors force defends Paltzig on Russian left

Prussians under Kanitz fail to cross river (they did later but failed to advance)

Mounted action on Russian right

Prussian Cuirassier threaten Russian foot

Defenders of hill on Russian right

Russian left wing mounted force transferring in column to right wing

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