Friday, December 29, 2017

Season of Battle second solo encounter with Field of Battle

Played through second battle generated by Season of Battle today (with third in process).

First encounter saw Russia increase its National morale whilst that of Prussia fell.

After each game you roll for units and this saw two Russian units being 'Left out of Battle' (off rejoicing or reforming?) whilst two other fell in quality.
Conversely the losing Prussian side retained all their units and had one unit increase in quality !

After a brief Campaign Action Cycle (playing solo I randomized the battlefield card selection a tad) a new battle was drawn up with Russian gaining some extra room to deploy (see last post) whilst Prussians got to realign a couple of commands (again see last post)

Fought the battle to a conclusion today with the Prussians getting completely trounced this time with a Crushing Russian Victory.
This allows Russians to advance up to 2 Areas on Campaign 'trail' in the case right to a decisive encounter in Prussian Home Base area (I termed Berlin).
The after battle resolutions this time saw Prussia have a unit go AWOL whilst Russians retained their force now with earlier absentees returning.
So Russia back to its initial 22 units with Prussia reduced to 17.
However this time several Russian units increased their elan whilst a couple of Prussians felt the weight of defeat and reduced in quality.
A consequence of winning also generates (based on Victory level what are termed Discretionary Points these can be used to Pursue enemy units or to Recognize your own units.
Essentially points are allocated (1-3 max) to amend a D12 roll to try to reduce enemy quality in Pursuit or try to increase own units quality.
A nice easy to use but flavoursome rule.
Russia failed to induce any of its own troops to improve but did manage to reduce a unit of Prussian Cuirassier by one quality level.

Russian presses forward on left wing with Grenadiers to the fore,

A holding action on their right wing

Center beats of Prussian attack

Usual Cavalry melee

Prussia starts to withdraw (waiting the fateful Army Morale Card to quit the field)

At battle end with Russians pressing forward everywhere

So next game see Prussia in basically 'last stand' mode as any form of defeat in their Home
 area ends the campaign (although with a mere 14 NMPs left they are in severe difficulties anyhow !)
Again Russia has managed to use its Action Cards to procure some extra Deployment Zones whilst Prussian managed to have a potential boost to force moral level on day of battle (sadly a low roll means they are on basic 18 level ie 1 per unit)

Battlefield and Campaign Action cards used to generate next encounter.
Prussians have refused battle once (trying to get favourable terrain card) but are forced to battle on next Action Cycle using map of Russian choosing.

Forces arrayed for final (?) clash.

Russians again deployed forward (into 2 zones)

An unfordable river on one flank  and a dense wood in center is channeling forces

Prussian right wing of 2 Infantry Brigades (now of somewhat mixed quality)

And their left (with Freddie) with Grenadiers and 2 Cavalry Brigades

Russian right with Cavalry in support to rear

Prussian right again

Russian Center and Right with Grenadier Brigade in lead once more

Russian Grenadiers up close

And a Musketeers Brigade (with one unit now Elite quality)
Gun Battery facing to rear to denote limbered status

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