Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Panzer Grenadier Deluxe scenario 'Road To Budapest' played

Game using Panzer Grenadier deluxe today at Stephens with a scenario set in 1945 on the Eastern Front 'The Road To Budapest'.
Stephen fielded his Ivans and I took the Fascists.
Great game it was to with plenty of action and plenty of frustrating dice rolls from us both (for once Stephens demonic skills deserted him !!) in fact I suspect with both rolled more snakes eyes and box cars with 2d6 than we rolled 7's !!
Ivan T34/76 platoon failed to activate on 8 out of 10 turns but was able to move forward due to Ivans winning initiative on 7 out of 10 phases.
My 2 Panthers (both Veteran although I forgot about this) managed to hold up the Ivan Tank forces namely: the T34/76s and a T34/85 Platoon with a Platoon of JSIIs arriving on turn 6.
A T35/85 and a two 76s brewed with damage and disengagements caused to others.
But I did lose a Hetzer a Sd251/9 and a Grille.
The Infantry battle was more favourable to Ivans in part because I set up 2 Platoons too close to Ivan deployment area (we did not realise that not counted as hidden if within 12" at start).
These platoons were suppressed then overrun in the central orchard.
I reached my (50%) breakpoint first forcing my troops to yield.

Was interesting to compare PZGR to Battle Group rules we played last, both sets are fairly fast play but overall I prefer PZGR as it has a bit more WW2 'meat on its bones' than BG.
Whilst it is nice to get all your kit on the table in BG this is of course inherently an abstraction as is the all AP fire is exactly the same not matter the caliber or muzzle velocity (although effects are different of course) whereas PZGR has more variety with higher caliber/velocity weapons having more effective and long range bands than lower types.
In BG it seems to be a '6 to hit' 9 out of 10 times in PZGR there is a greater variety to hit effects etc by use of 2D6.
Was pleasing to have unseen units and to use Recon.
The use of bases as Squads rather than Teams seems to work better than BG with its 1:1 ratio seeming a tad 'off' at times with respect to AFVs in particular (the limited ammo being a case in point).
Artillery in PZGR can be powerful but I find it less so than in BG mainly due to its much smaller target area and lesser effect of armoured targets.
BG does have the advantage (if ones sees it as such) of a nicely balanced points system so easy to just select and force and have a game and the orders and chits systems are excellent.
PZGR uses HQ Impetus combined with unit Activation to utilize units which is a bit less controllable than BG system but works well for me (being a fan of chaos in games).

I would happily play either system but if given choice think I would plumb for PZGR.

Panther dominates the center

The 'reluctant' T34/76 Platoon

T34/85 takes cover in wooded area

Overview with orchard in center left being assaulted by Ivans

Grenadier Platoon defends on my right flank

Remnants of 2 German Platoons retire from the orchard now ripe with Ivans

Both Panthers engage

Defenders of Budapest suburbs

T34s eventually reach the river line

Ivans suffer suppressions in the open

Panthers remain in action.

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