Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Mortem Et Gloriam another game: Minoan vs Hittite

Another outing for MEG rules today (we intend to play 2 or 3 more to try to get a decent grasp of rules) this time Stephen using his Hittites and I my Minoan (Early Mycenaean).

Lots of Chariots on the table (some 50+ including Generals) with the Hittite types being more numerous.

The Hittite Chariots were quite effective being Superior and with Bows and as Drilled troops were very maneuverable being able to skirmish and stay away from my Battle Chariot types whilst peppering them with arrows.

Stephens foot were fairly weak but he was able to retire them efficiently (good cards) until forced to fight near table edge.

We ended the game both needing to destroy a further 3 units each however as my right wing and center were essentially in tatters I suspect his rampant Chariots would have carried the day. 

Another good game with lots of action.

Minoan spearmen in center

Chariots (light and battle types) on Minoan right

The impressive massed Hittite chariotry

Hittite foot lingering to rear

Spearmen advance

Clash on Minoan right

Minoan chariots advance on left

Hittite chariots let loose

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