Saturday, January 27, 2018

Mortem Et Gloriam: Sogdian versus T'ang Chinese

Game at Stephens today and he selected MEG rules once more as he wanted to try his T'ang force circa 620AD.
I chose Sogdian (using a mix of Central Asian Turkish type figures).

This was another cracking game which went right down to the wire.
I was trying to sack Chinese Camp at end and needed just one more kill to destroy the camp and thereby break their army but rolled poorly (the story of my wargame life !) and was then contacted to rear and trounced causing my army to break first.
Excellent stuff once again.

Sogdian center and left

Sogdian Light Horse on right wing

Massed lancers in center

T'ang center foot with mounted reserve

T'ang right

Sogdian light horse holding up T'ang left

As they try to attack on own left

Sogdian left begins to crumble (but skirmish types do not count against army break)

Sogdian lancers get to grips in center and left wing

T'and camp under threat

Piecemeal fighting on left

T'ang camp under assault (to rear) but with game winning unit approaching besiegers

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