Tuesday, January 02, 2018

Season of Battles solo action Prussia succumbs....................

Played what turned out to be the final encounter in my play test of Season of Battle using Field of Battle and what a cracker it turned out to be !

Prussia once again had to win (and win big) to avoid losing the campaign.
And win they did but it was such a truly Pyrrhic victory that the lost the campaign.

They won another minor victory but ended with no Army Morale Points and having been given a mere 2 by the Russians who had also gone to zero Morale earlier in same turn.
This meant that as Prussian started of with only 14 National Will Points and lost 18 Army Morale during game with only 2 added they ended on -1 thereby losing overall.

But they surely went down fighting with one unit in particular winning honours: Musketeer unit NR 5-I held a town section against 2 assaults both times winning against the odds (ie twice they rolled 4 on a D4 against 1 on a D10 & D8 !!! repelling their Russian counterparts).
A Russian Grenadier unit also shone twice routing an Elite (C12+1 D8 in FOB terms) unit of Musketeers who eventually fled the field.

Not only did I really enjoy the solo run through of Seasons of Battle but yet again Field of Battle shone as a superb set (great for solo play) with lots of such dramas and swings of fortune and opportunities.
A lot more I could have done to add flavour in terms of using place names for battlefield and significant terrain features and indeed names of officers but that is for future waffling sessions.

Really looking forward to trying the system against live enemy whether its with FOB or another set or period.

Prussians marching through woods

Defenders of the town

Russians trying to refuse their right

Russian mounted move to counter the approaching Musketeers

Overview of early moves

Russian guns cause a drain of casualties on right wing

Musketeers emerge into face of Russian Grenadiers

Russians begin assault on right wing

Whilst holding in the center

Battle joined

Musketeer Regiment NR 5 repels boarders !!

Face off on right

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