Sunday, September 30, 2018

L'Art De La Guerre another 2 games

Another 2 games using LADG played at Stephens today.
Again we went with 200pt armies.
I used Punic Romans again and Galatians against Pyrrhic and Seleucid respectively.
The Roman vs Pyrrhus match-up was a good old ding dong but the Romans could not gain any advantage against the Pikes.
The Galatians (all Elite mind) had a disaster vs the Pike and Cataphracts of Seluccus !
I hit his line of Pike and the nasty 'Cats' with 11 'Warband' but won a mere three rolls, drawing a further two and losing a mighty 6 others !!
The dice demon at his meanest saw me lose some 5 Warrior units the next turn and soon the army succumbed.
I should mention I attempted a flank march with 4 Heavy Cavalry but of course it failed to arrive.....
Great stuff again.

Romans vs Pyrrhic

 Galatians vs Seleucids (freaky autumn lighting)

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