Sunday, March 22, 2020

Quick update

Must confess I thought that this ‘social distancing’ would lead to a burst of painting, virtual or solo gaming but not felt much like doing very much in past few days as in a sort of what is best described as a limbo state of mind........ plenty of ideas but no action.........

No real health worries for my wife or I, or youngster over in England (but possible financial issues) but am concerned re older members of family circle and indeed society.
Feeling blessed and relieved to be Retired as thoughts of trying to Police people in current situation just awful, so many idiots !

+++ Sincerely hope all of you and yours come through this unscathed. +++

Anyhow the above not withstanding I did manage to get A Distant Plain onto table today and get a few turns in and nice to divert mind from outside world.
Hoping to get online with my Dad later for a game of Eastern Front (from old Campaign Series) as he is just not into Vassal.

Game bathed n sunlight

Lucy one of my dogs helping out

A beautiful day outside


  1. I think we are all coming to terms with the sudden changes that are happening. I wasn't keen on the idea of virtual gaming either, but now I've had a chance to recover from chaos of closing my entire workplace last week, I think there are some good possibilities.

    Thank goodness for decent video conferencing technology. I'll see how I feel after several more days of hours in google hangouts though.

  2. Look after yourself and your family, Gary - here in Scotland they now have given the police authority to close any pubs which refuse to follow the emergency rules; the problem with just allowing the idiots to kill themselves off is they will take a few others with them. Difficult times.

  3. It will be challenging for all of us for some time to come. Worse in the US with a moron at the helm, I fear.