Saturday, October 17, 2020

Battle of Gilly 1815 - Field of Battle 3 - Solo game (pictastic)

With the latest increased, but not quite lockdown, restrictions coming into play here in N.Ireland we have decided to 'hang up our gaming boots' for the duration (4 weeks they say but I think 6-8 more likely) and so I decided to set up a FOB3 game using a Gen D'Armee scenario for action at Gilly in June 1815.

We played this with GDA and so looking to see how FOB handles it.

Easy enough to sort orders of battle to FOB for the Prussian defenders and the French attackers, and to enact the scenario special rules, mainly concerning the stream crossing (ie not by Mounted or Artillery except at bridge or ford).

And so table set up and first flurry of action undergone.

Lots of pics with varied colouring due to ever changing winter lighting conditions

The initial set up with Prussians on left

The French attackers deployed

Overview from French lines

French Brigade under Berthezene on the French right

Brigade Lefol in French center

Brigade Corsin on left supported by 6pdr and 12pdr batteries on slope.

Light Cavalry Brigade under St Laurent backed by Empress Dragoons under Letort on extreme left. 

French left wing

French center with skirmish unit to the fore (I use 3UI skirmish only units as Brigade 'screens' in FOB an idea stolen blatantly from GDA)

Brigade Berthezene again

Prussian right wing Brigade Pirch with 9pdr Artillery battery attached defend ford

Cavalry under Treskowo on central slopes

Defence of Gilly and its bridge falls to Brigade Von Hichtenbrock

Landwehr Brigade Wurst on Prussian left

Prussian lines

Gilly itself defended by a large (5UI) unit of Musketeers

Landwehr move to defend stream

French Cavalry before 'the off'

French Infantry ready themselves (limbered Horse battery just visible)

French advance generally across the field as Artillery pounds Prussian columns near the ford

French push hard for ford

Some telling fire on Prussian columns

Gilly under pressure

Prussian push up on either side of Gilly

French entering Gilly (Veteran Light Infantry to the fore)

Landwehr engaged near marshy area

Berthezenes large Brigade target the Landwehr under Wurst who has thrown a skirmish screen across the stream to slow progress

French Artillery Brigade continues long range bombardment

French Infantry have secured the ford and mounted head for same

Prussian right falls back somewhat

Not much change at Gilly (lack of movement by French on Move card !)

French about to cross stream on their right

Prussian cavalry stays in reserve and out of French artillery range (Horse battery deployed)


Prussian right in difficulties after loss of Brigadier

More to follow..................................................


  1. Lovely, by absolute chance, a couple of hours ago I watched a Gilly AAR on a video blog ..... link if interested ....

    The large Prussian units bring an interest.

  2. Looks very good Gary. Any chance of your adding your FoB3 OOB for Gilly?

    1. Dont know how to add files on Blog will stick them of FB page in due course.

    2. Hi Pete have placed the 2 x OOBs and QRS I used (ciuple of house rules) onto Piquet Facebook page for your info. If you want further scn info drop me a line at sgt DOT steiner AT btinternet DOT com

  3. Replies
    1. Ah work I remember that.......faintly :-)