Saturday, March 27, 2021

Field of Battle 3 - another solo Seven Years War bash

Set up and played, over last 2 days, a solo SYW game with FOB3 pitting Russians against Prussians, as I want to try to keep a handle on these excellent rules whilst in gaming limbo.

Used a randomly drawn Seasons of Battle map card to select terrain then just drew up two opposing forces that seemed 'balanced'.

Russians nominally defending a stream and village against attacking Prussians.

Both sides had 3 Infantry Brigades and 2 Cavalry Brigades with Russians having more Infantry and Prussians superior Cavalry (23 Russian and 18 Prussian units).

Russians had a lowly D8 CinC and an Average deck, the Prussians a D12 CinC and a Superior deck.

Russians deployed (on left) defending the line of stream.

Prussians arrayed to attack

View from Prussian lines

The game played out really quickly with Russian Artillery (2 medium and 1 heavy batteries) dealing a lot of punishment to approaching enemy, whilst Prussian guns (2 medium batteries) inflicted minimal damage in return.

But once the forces engaged each other the Prussians gained some revenge especially in melee combats.

The Prussian mounted on their right (Kuirassier and Hussars) attacked straight across the stream after a good run of move segments were gained, against the weak Russian horse (weaker Cuirassier and Hussars) and pretty much wiped them out in short order.

A more even dual between Infantry forces, with Prussian Grenadiers on their left suffering losses and just about holding on as Russian mounted attacked, albeit mostly poor Dragoon units.

In center however the Prussians decimated Russians brigade around the village and bridge and this led to a huge drain on Russian Army Morale (Russians had 32 Prussians 25) and they failed the very first Army Morale Check due to poor CinC.

Despite being forced to solo yet again this was a short sharp but fun outing with this never disappointing rule system, I still love the game narrative the system builds and the lack of formal (ie predictable) turn sequencing leads to some great and exciting moments even solo. 

However roll on face to face gaming !!

Russian Infantry faces off vaunted Prussian foot at steam bend

Emplaced Russian cannon bombard

Heavy (12pdr) battery joins in 

Inferior Russian horse cower behind stream with Prussian mounted seeming so far away

Overview of early stages of engagement

Russian right wing mounted try to turn Prussian flank, but Frei Korps and Grenadiers bloody their nose (Horse Grenadiers routing)

Prussian Infantry stalls in Disorder after a Brigadier is shot from saddle

Crunch time in center as Russian foot forced to flee by oncoming Prussians

Prussian mounted wing has forced the line of stream and crushed the enemy horse.

Then they ride to threaten Russian left (note the massed Russian losses in foreground, by contrast Prussians lost just 1 Grenadier unit although they did Rally several Routing units)

Russian Brigade of Grenadiers heemed in (they took no part in action)

12pdrs have been overrun and Russian center in real difficulties

As Prussian force the line of stream here too.

Russian right wing to slow to engage

Overview as Russian yielded the field..............................


  1. Really nice looking game Gary. Well done.

  2. A bad day to be Russian. Thanks for the game report Gary!

    1. A bad day for having me roll dice for Russians :-)

  3. Great looking game Gary. I've heard good things about the rules.

    1. Great set of flexible quick playing rules for horse and musket period. The card system makes them pretty decent for solo play.

  4. just curious but how big is your table used? and how big are the figures?

    1. Hi my table is 7’ x 5’ but played game on a 6’ x 4’ mat. Figures are 15mm.