Friday, August 05, 2022

L'Art De La Guerre - Norman vs Berbers

Game at Stephens with LADG (I am a glutton for punishment) wherein I tried using Normans in Sicily against his Berber force.

An army of Elite Knights (they are Normans after all) with some spear and bow in support but rather impotent against a wall of supported spearmen (some of whom were Elite) and some mounted types.

The support cancels the knights Furious Charge and the Spearmen out factor the knights so an uphill struggle for Normans and when combined with an smaller (25 to 21) army that does not manouvre very well its a tough ask for them even as 'Barker intended'.

I did manage to kill 4 blocks of spear (mainly due to them charging) but own losses in knights (7 lost) and other types was dreadful and Normans quit the field.

We set up a second game where I used an early Kingdom of Sicily army which has some Saracens in place of reduced number of knights.

However this one ended abruptly (ie I threw in towel and any thing else I had to hand) after an initial clash of 13 combats saw me win a mere 2 (with Generals) and lose other 11 with some Knights taking 2 hits. 

No real way back from that.

My Normans are fairly venerable (my first ever 'Ancients' army) being a mix of early Essex and Minifigs originally used for WRG 7th Edition and painted in enamels (remember those ?) and whilst figures are fine they could do with re-basing to freshen them up. 


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