Saturday, August 13, 2022

L'Art De La Guerre - two games

Another double bash with LADG (really good for quick playing points based gaming) as Stephen has newly painted a Thematic Byzantine army and thought we should give them an outing. 

I tried Central Asian Turks (Uyghur version with Tibetan ally) who had an initial tremendous round of shooting where I inflicted 9 hits and only received 2 back !! 

However as ever when it came to combats things were much less positive and again the heavy spear with support troop type proved very tough (we both fielded 4 units) and Thematics prevailed but not without loss.

Second game I fielded Central Asian City States (Sogdian version with Ummyyad Arab ally ie more of the supported spear type) which was change from first game as now a core of impetuous charging cavalry rather than 'shooty' type.

Another win for Thematics but again not without losses.

Thenatic are another pretty army from Stephen which are mostly Forged In Battle figures with a couple of Essex and others in mix.