Saturday, September 24, 2022

Gen D'Armee - Dennewitz at Ulster Wargames Society


 Club meeting today and a nice multi-player (3 per side) game using a converted (from GDB) Dennewitz scenario set up by Dave S and utilising his figure and terrain collections.

Prussians in 4 Brigades (2 further arrive as reinforcements) were attacking a mix of Saxons and French in 6 brigades (possibly 1 more off table ?) just outside Dennewitz.

Prussians had tough task initially as only 4 ADCs versus 6 for defenders (with therefore unsurprisingly lots of Artillery Assault orders) but aided slightly by table only being 4ft deep (think GDA is designed primarily for 5ft deep games).

I was on Prussian side with Simon (CiC) and Billy against Saxons under Dave S, Jeremy D and Mr Brittain with temporary help from Dave P.

Rather a fun game with Prussians actually managing to capture a ridge and half of village objective but seeing their right wing cavalry outclassed and decimated by Saxon mounted brigade and an Infantry brigade become close to being Demoralised.

Rules flowed well (glad we had the practice games last few weeks) but they are a tad slow overall not so much due to complexity but rather more due to a lot of process/moving parts especially when using lots of brigades/units. So despite playing for a solid 5 1/2hrs we had only completed 9 turns with Prussians on back foot (although fresh reserve brigades had not gotten to grips) and deciding to yield the field.

Strangest sight of the day was Simon trying to get his 2 large gun batteries into effective range of Saxon lines whilst advancing ahead of infantry columns and getting pummeled to bits by repeated Saxon Artillery Assaults but in effect acting as a 'skirmish screen' to the following infantry, a novel if unintended use indeed ! 

Pretty hard to use artillery in attack as they set up outside effective range (or indeed long if 6pdrs) and so must move are then a magnet for ball shot.

Another highlight was a Saxon cavalry Brigadier succumbing to a howitzer shell to his mid riff after a Destiny Roll by Billy.

Game enjoyed by all and another planned for next meeting, an action at Borodino I believe.

Saxon defenders line road and ridges

Prussians mass for assaults on village and adjacent ridge (note the line of guns to fore)

Small Landwehr brigade and large reinforcing infantry brigade (which arrived on 4th turn) on Prussian left (under my control) but which failed to get to grips with enemy.

Prussian assault almost at high water mark (one part of village and ridge were to fall next turn) but note the gun line has evaporated and Saxon cavalry massing on their left wing


Also at club was another super looking 20mm WW2 game from Phil and co, was assured it was not Arnhem despite the presence of Red Devils and their gliders, and no idea how this went ?

The 'Two Daves' had a FOGR English Civil War match up which again I know not how it turned out.


  1. Some good looking games. Tough to move artillery in most rules and scenarios that require such a move are very challenging.

    1. Yes a poser as if you give them too much range on table they can dominate a game but alternatively they are ineffectual as here. Some sets allow an abstracted Bombardment phase pre-game but not sure how that would fit into GDA.