Friday, September 30, 2022

General D'Armee - Dresden scenario played solo and a picture deluge

Set up the Dresden scenario (from new 1813 scenario supplement) for game next week but decided to give it a solo run through to further embed rules into old grey(ing) matter and to try to resolve couple of outstanding rules queries.

Think I now understand how Demoralisation works re Faltering but still unsure on some terrain issues (easy to decide prior to a game of course) and the shooting Priority rules are still a tad confusing when Skirmisher targets added to mix but otherwise think I have a handle on most things.

Will not do a report here as 'proper' game in the offing but I took a large amount of pics (trying out couple of phones/apps) so will just let some of those do the talking. 

This is another nice scenario I would like to try with other rule sets in particular FOB


  1. Great looking game. It will be interesting to see what you feel works best.

    1. GDA will likely work best as its a scn designed for it but I have no doubt that using FOB I will have somewhat a less detailed but much quicker playing game that I will ultimately enjoy. Mileage for other sets will vary. Of course whether I actually get beyond the 'best of intentions' phase for replaying is very debatable :-)

  2. I have done Dresden (my own scenario) twice, first with Grand Piquet circa 2000, and with FoB2 circa 2013. Both worked fine. Almost as big as Leipzig, but the result is far from a foregone conclusion!