Wednesday, February 21, 2024

Glory Is Fleeting test game and Fall Of Saigon solo scenario

Game today with Stephen (recovered from last weeks dread lurgy) trying Glory Is Fleeting rules with his 1812 Russians facing my invading French Grand Armee.

We both choose from the respective Infantry Corps lists fielding 4 Divisions each although Russians had more mounted troops overall as allowed a Mixed Division.

The French list took me several attempts to get right as several core units must be purchased before one gets to select freely but yields a fairly plausible Divisional sized force with several veteran units in 1812.

As only our second outing with rules we played less than optimally as trying to cover as many situations as possible for learning purposes.

So for example I charged into fully fresh large Russian Infantry units (with Artillery attachments) which unsurprisingly saw my units bounced badly but this did show us the charge sequence/actions in full and how supports and Cavalry support charges worked.

Couple of minor queries over wording re Supports but nothing we could not work out with careful reading of rules.

As per previous version (FOGN) I still love the Scenario/Terrain set up and Deployment system.

Apologies for couple of fuzzy pics 

Also this week I managed another solo session with Fall Of Saigon expansion to Fire In The Lake, this time trying the Extended Short Scenario. 

This has a single 8 card 1968 deck (from FITL) being followed by three 8 card decks for 1973, 74 and 1975 from expansion but including all four 'factions'.

Great stuff again with Viet Cong winning at end of 1974 by 1 VP.


  1. Extended Short Scenario? Sounds like 60-70's armyspeak. So you would recommend the Napoleonic rules?

    1. Not played rules enough but they seem an improvement on FOGN. Nice Corps level game (units are Brigades) using points and lists which often suits instead of preparing scenarios. But expect they will be pushed out of our playing schedule by upcoming GDA2

  2. Looking mighty fine!

    1. Ta and hope you are doing fine now to ?

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