Wednesday, February 28, 2024

More dabbling with Glory Is Fleeting rules

Another run out for Glory Is Fleeting rules today with Stephen.

He used a pre-1812 British Peninsula force and I used contemporary French Army of Suchet in Spain (both fielded 12 units)

Suchet is by default an Exceptional General so I was able to strip 3 options from strategies available to British (I rolled 6 dice with double 1, double, 2 and double 3 making decision of which to remove automatic).

I ended up choosing Flexible Defence from 4 options left to me and Stephen picked Flank March (interesting to see this strategy)

Peninsula terrain has access to lots of hills (3 compulsory for defender) but we had quite varied terrain which fell quite well for me (with a large wood securing a flank and a strong point in a central town). 

The flank march obviously influenced deployments with Stephan sending 2 Divisions on flank marches (both deep on same flank as it turned out).

Thankfully I had a Division of Veteran units deployed on my right as these bore brunt of Brit attention as I tried to turn his left.

My Cavalry Reserve arrived centrally and was sent to support my outnumbered right wing.

We failed to finish as we thrashed out a few remaining rules lessons regarding supporting units (some wording confused us) and the sequencing of melee combat, and just how Skirmishing works (pretty much a variation of Lasalle 2 method) and of course interspersed with waffling over pros and cons, intricacies of system and the army lists and army make ups :-)

But this is overall a decent system (I do so like the set up/strategies system) that suits the Corps vs Corps scale of game and whilst none of inertia (no Pips, cards etc) we are used to or national characteristics, it works for this level and style game (pick up points game playable in a few hours).

Pics lacking variety as all the action was mainly in one area 


  1. Looks a cool game Sir!

    1. It was and pity we failed to finish but very entertaining. Too much waffle and experimenting with Cavalry vs Square and suchlike (Cavalry need careful timing and positioning to be effective against foot as impetuous style charges usually fail horribly)

    2. Thanks for the write up, Gary!