Saturday, February 24, 2024

Battle of Gilly 15th June 1815 with Field of Battle 3 at Ulster Wargames Society (and other stuff)

Played Gilly scenario with FOB3 as planned at UWS meeting today with usual suspects Dave T and Dave B with a young chap Mark also playing (great to see youthful enthusiasm).

Another excellent game with plenty of incident which saw French (Dave T and Mark) chase off Prussians (under Dave B).

Prussians made a bit of a tactical blunder by trying to redeploy an Infantry Brigade from their left wing but ended up getting shot in flank several times by French Artillery and then the potent Empress Dragoons (after a favourable run of cards and movement rolls) managed to get across a ford and crashed into a Battalion in march column annihilating them in short order along with a screen of skirmishers.

Such things can occur in FOB which Dave B had likely forgotten, of course had he been luckier with cards it could all have been a stroke of tactical genius.

French foot pushed across the stream and into Gilly as poor Prussian volleys failed to thwart their progress and things got desperate for Prussians who threw caution to wind using 'Daring Deeds' with commanders to Rally troops but saw two commanders rendered Hors De Combat whilst stirring their troops.

Prussian morale plummeted (25) and an Army Morale card saw them yield (French lost 9 of their 35), this was a smallish game and was played to completion in about 3hours.

The French deployed with 'Boney' himself (on road) as outnumbered Prussians push aggressively forward on their right and fatal redeployment into march column of their left wing Brigade although at that stage the French cavalry seemed a long way off

Prussian right wing ready to march to left but Cavalry support sitting too far back on slopes (note the ford) to provide effective cover for this manouvre

Later and the French Artillery and Empress Dragoons (far left) have caused havoc on Prussian left with units destroyed and routing after being caught in marching columns. 
French are into Gilly and pressing hard on their left, as Prussian morale about to collapse.

And a couple of better pics taken by Bryn.

Also at club was usual great looking game from Phil (with Leslie and Paddy) and his 20mm kit think it was based on action at Son bridge during Market Garden.

Again more Bryn pics

Mike along with Simon and Bryn played an ACW boardgame 'A Fearful Sacrifice' with a First Day of Gettysburg scenario utilising only one of its two large game maps. 

This is a visually impressive game with lovely components (nice chunky counters) and a system using card activation/actions and at a tactical scale that seemed quite 'miniatures like'. 

Not sure how it ended but Bufords Cavalry (Simon) screen seemed to have stymied Rebel (Bryn) advance and Union reserves seemed to be pouring in around Gettysburg town and Cemetery Ridge last I saw.

More from Bryn who was Reb commander

Andy (glowing from his recent Team Yankee win in Wales) and Jeremy played Hail Caesar 2 with their 28mm Romans and Celts, they managed two games I believe.


  1. I hadn’t realised that the Fearful sacrifice took up so much table space. The two maps must look incredible.

    1. Yes and they are two mounted maps as well. Components of high quality overall. System looked intriguing with cards to activate and take actions. Used D6 but with some rolls being tens and integers style which I have not seen in ages.

    2. Mike used acetate sheet to protect maps from grubby wargamer mitts :-)

  2. Looks like a very successful outing!

    1. FOB always works well for multi-player games and fairly easy to teach to newcomers. Phils 20mm games always look the part

  3. Pity the Prussian redeployment did not work out. Three very interesting games, and the ancient game certainly looked good. That boardgame
    Oops interesting. The 20mm game is played in my favorite scale.

    1. FOB can reward or punish such tactical options. Didnt really see much of ancients game but some very nice figures (a mix of plastics and metals). 20mm visually pleasing but you need big tables such as we can use at club.