Sunday, February 11, 2024

The busy life of a Wargamer in retirement with a bit more solo dabbling, some Pbem and missing pics.

Been dabbling and dibbling again this last few days with various board Wargames but also made a couple of purchases (!!) and did manage to play a minis game but photos seem to have gone AWOL ?

On board Wargame front I set up (always prefer physical game to Vassal as excellent as that is) and played through several turns (up until I realised Axis were stuffed in late 1943) of WW2: Barbarossa To Berlin a CDG type I have always enjoyed.

Then I got Battle of Britain onto table this being the Plastic Soldier Company version (bought a while back for bargain £15) of an old TSR game (which I own). 

A fairly simple but quick playing game. 

Ironically despite being by PSC the plastic aircraft are rather underwhelming so I used those from old TSR version as these are much crisper castings.

On Pbem front game of No Retreat! The Russian Front continues with German (moi) Turn 3 having just ended. 

Ivans (Mike) looking rather thin on ground but they will have 6 cards in their part of turn to 'spend' to restore units and they have a few reserves arriving as well so should look better for them.

I also played with Stephen a Napoleonic minis game using the superbly priced (ie free) Valour & Fortitude Rules for a bash with my Prussians against his French. 

Stephen used an old (V1) GDB scenario based on action at Gross-Gorschen 1813. 

This was mainly to try out a couple of house rules concerning Open Order units as we don't like how they play as written and are trying to make them more akin to pure Skirmish formation. 

Went well but I whilst I took photos they seem to have gotten deleted from my phone/Google account accidentally I assume. 

The rules (and other stuff) are downloadable at

And then I bought a couple of items the first being the long awaited second edition of General D'Armee by Dave Brown which is a pre-order due 4th of March or so.

Also made an EBay purchase of one of the expansions for Fire In The Lake game namely 'The Fall Of Saigon 1972-1975' a title I have been on lookout for to expand this hugely enjoyable COIN system game.


  1. You are keeping yourself very busy in retirement!

  2. Keeps mind active if nothing else :-)

  3. A true wargame fest! I have had the boardgame Austerlitz (Hexasim) on the table for 3 days, it is all a rather good hobby :-)

    1. Amazing how 'sucked into' a game you can get ! and yes great hobby with just 'its of metal, plastic, wood and cardboard to live out our little military fantasies :-)

  4. Sounds like you are living the dream.