Sunday, March 03, 2024

Fire In The Lake/Fall Of Saigon solo game completed

Managed to complete my solo game of FITL with VC coming out victors by 1 point.

The normal FITL game finished with both USA and NVA shattered (some massive costly battles between the two) and at Paris Peace Talks which are conducted after last Coup card the US was forced to retreat and NVA to call a ceasefire (this is based on their victory level at this stage prior to Fall of Saigon decks etc). 

This left VC and ARVN in fairly strong positions and indeed at one point ARVN looked to be in ascendancy as they were 3 points beyond their required win level. 

However a terrible run of events saw them lose 10+ points and then the VC upped their victory level taking the game by the single VP as Watergate Coup card appeared.

So only one campaign of expansion (6 cards of possible 8 for 1972) conducted but such fun overall and all in good timing as GDA2 released tomorrow which will doubtless consume my time. 

Near end of standard scenario and USA has begun decimating NVA regular forces and bases (they were all but annihilated in Laos/Cambodia)

NVA losses combined with low Resources is crippling

USA has committed most of its available forces to counter NVA but costing them VP

VC establishing themselves in Mekong Delta

ARVN too are looking strong overall

At game end in 1972 and NVA are mullered as are US (both forced in retreat status)

After Paris Peace Talks the US Army has been completely withdrawn and the VC have just managed to achieve victory.

ARVN had managed to get some armour assets on board but did not get to use them.


  1. Interesting game. You do seem to enjoy it.

    1. Love the variety of game play with cards and varied operations and actions even solo and the historical basis is pretty sound. I shied away from COIN system as did not seem enough 'war' in the games for me but really enjoy now and FITL is one I always gravitate back to.