Sunday, March 31, 2024

Ulster Wargames Society - Sharps Practice game

Monthly club meeting this Easter weekend and partook in a Sharps Practice 2 game run by Jeremy D with his lovely 28mm Revolution period kit and terrain.

I was playing as 'Romeo Reggio' an Italian bloke on French side along with Mike and David S. Opposing us was a Austrian force with Bryn, Simon and Billy in command.

A highlight was Bryn, acting as Austrian CinC, denying Simon opportunity to charge with couple of cavalry units using Command Cards (Flags) only for Simons leader card to appear next and a cry of "you can't stop me now !" very Hussar like.

Mike commanding our cavalry suffered early under deluge of fire (so many dice) including a potent Austrian artillery piece but was able to save one unit and support with some Light Infantry.

Simons failed attempts at fisticuffs (charges and melees) in the centre saw the Austrian gun blocked for good portion of game as cavalry withdrew in front of them.

David and I had our close order foot types on a ridge (Austrian objective) in entrenchments with David having a 8pdr gun but whose crew were initially asleep in a local hostelry so took a while to man their positions thankfully they were roused and vacated the building just before it caught fire !

I had couple of skirmishing units with a 'secondary' mission of locating (and 'dealing' with) an agent sent by command to investigate some dodgy dealings by Romeo. 

Billy opposing me also had cause to locate same gent but we failed to find him at games end.

A lot of work setting up the scenario as Jeremy was catering for six players but it all flowed well with plenty of incident with a draw (?) being end result

I only managed a couple of pics

Simons Light Cavalry gearing up for charges

Village where Billy and I searched for Agent

Also at club the two Daves played a couple of FOGR games with Ottomans facing Ethiopians

Now this is dedication to your craft !

Andy and Richard had a nice 28mm Hail Caesar game going with Romans versus some Celtic types.

Also Paddy and co were running an Afghanistan game with Brits in Helmand but don't know what rules used ? 

As an aside the caretaker was unaware we were meeting so had forgotten to put on heating in hall so whilst it was sunny and mildly warm outside (the first such day in what seems eons in NI) we were all 'foundered' (colloquial term for suffering from hypothermia) but we soldiered manfully on of course. 


  1. Looks fun. Not sure that many of my group can climb on a table now!

    1. Yes rather impressive feat, although he may still be up there as I left before their game finished :-)