Sunday, November 27, 2011

Some painting amidst the rule-fest

Managed to get some painting done today. Finished off another unit of Black Hat Prussian Line Infantry and touched up (oh er missus....) a few painted Prussians I bought at Bring & Buy at Warfare (no idea what manufacturer they are from) including more Line Infantry a few Jager and a unit of 4 Guns. Also finished a few Battlezone buildings I bought as well.  Hope to get them based this week.

Very poorly lit iPhone pics (will get better pics once based)

Oh well just another 120 or so Prussians to go, plus the British AWI army plus Russian and British Adler 6mm (bought at Warfare 2009 & 2010 respectively !!) plus some nice WW2 15mm Late War British from Forged in Battle line oh and a bunch of 10mm Malburians. Not much if I say it quickly and enough to keep me going to next years Warfare !!

Almost forgot my father is buying me Kampfgruppe Normandy rules for Christmas (whilst on half-price offer at Warhammer Historical site)

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