Sunday, November 06, 2011

Here we go again.....................I just cant help myself....................oh shiny !!!

Barely two weeks to annual trip to Warfare show in Reading (or Geek-Fest 2011) and am still buying rules !! Justification (har de har de har har) is that I would buy these there anyhow so simply saves having to carry them home ie leaves more space for other stuff :-)
These do look very interesting (downloadable QRS, Army characteristics and OOB sheets available) and as always I simply could not exercise any control over urges and desires in order to resist. I can already smell the fresh print...............................................


  1. Your a bad boy!!! for punishment you must read this book from cover to cover, then write a report on how good they are and post it here!!!!!

  2. I second Ray's punishment!

    The flesh is weak.....

  3. Buy more rules. You can't have enough rules.

  4. Definitely a rules addict there, my friend. We have a 12 point program to help people like you...

    So hurry up, already, and tell us what you think, LOL! After all, I don't want to have to buy them myself! :-)


  5. In post not in my mitts as yet but already they are better in some ways than Lasalle but not as good as Field of Battle yet also better in some ways than Field of Battle but yet not as good as Lasalle. But then I must not forget Shako Or Tremble Ye Tyrants (not even tried yet !!) and what's that other set ?......oh yes Principles of War don't get me started on how they differ ! Oh and that Les Grognards supplement for Piquet that read very well must try those. And must not forget that Blackpowder is
    useable. Tis a quandry indeed :-)

    Won't even mention that Warhammer Historicals have a new set enticingly called Waterloo out and that it has a Campaign system and that I don't have it yet !!!!! :-)

  6. As Ray said. You can never have too many sets of rules.

  7. What Ray and Roger said!


  8. I cleaned out my shelves and sold most of my rules on eBay last Fall, but they're slowly starting to gather numbers again. :-) I if could I'd own all the rule-sets I could, but luckily there's also folks like you that buy 'em and post nice reviews... ;-)