Saturday, November 26, 2011

Yet more.......................

These arrived today in post (an early Christmas present from my brother) and jolly nice they are too, no matter that I have not yet finished a single Battalion of my British AWI forces which were obtained end of last July !! or indeed that I have not yet tried the Peter Pig Washingtons Army rules I bought for the period !!

Also just ordered these as well !! :-)


  1. Blimey...Shako!! We used to use these quite a bit in the 90's, not seen them for years!!

  2. I used Shako for SYW many moons ago but this is newer Edition 2 I would like to try out for my burgening collection of Napoleonic Prussians

    Along with Napoleon At War, POW Napoleonics and PK Les Grognards :-)

  3. Shako-2 is the main other rules set the guys in Hartford have played in the past - I prefer FoB or LG, but I'd play them again no problem. Do you have an annex fto house all your rules sets, Gary?! :-)

    Peter (who has several shelves full himself!)

  4. You can never have too many rule sets.

  5. The BG rulebook is one of the best looking books I've seen. Beware it needs some errata as DP's and shooting were left out that should be in, plus a coouple other things. If you the old soft cover you'll see what I mean. I think EC(the author) going to correct that soon.


  6. I love rules. Great pick-ups.