Tuesday, November 22, 2011

DBMM Turgesh vs Sui Chinese

Played another DBMM game today at Stephens as practice for our up coming trip across the border to Cork for Munster competition (28 & 29th January). Not sure what army to take for the 'themed' 473AD- 1073AD period but thought I would try another version of the Central Asian Turks. Interesting game with my use of ambush and a delayed command (although trying to work out how it came on was a bit of nightmare !). The Sui managed to set up in the inevitable 'terrain fort' for their BowX and their Regular status allowed a potent on table flank march by their KnX command. In contrast the Turks had woeful Pip dice (especially the CICs who rolled relentless 1's !!) throughout. I used an all mounted version (only Psiloi as foot) but think that at Munster a command of some form of foot might be better to contest rough going. Regular Avars with Slav subjects or Irregular Early Bulgars with KnF and Slavs both options that appeal.
Turks set up

Sui advance along the valley

Turk CinC command

Tibetan ally in center

Turks stuck with no Pips to deploy

Sui Cataphracts and Light Horse march onto Turk right flank
(delayed Turk command later came on behind this but moves very restricted as it turns out)

Turks approach the wall of bows

CinC still stuck (only one column able to move to support right flank)


  1. Nice figs and sounded like a good game.

  2. Very nice looking figures!