Friday, November 11, 2011

DBMM Turgesh vs Sogdian

Played a quick Dbmm game today, I used Central Asian Turkish (Turgesh) and Stephen fielded Central Asian City States (Sogdian). Good game but with usual result ie dreadful loss on my part :-)

iPhone pics only

Turk allies on Sogdian right flank

Armies deploy

Turgesh right wing on the move

Sogdian left wing

Tibetan allies on Turgesh left

Central clash developing

Columns deploy on left wing


  1. Great looking game and figures. I might head back to DBM one day as I never ventured as far as DBMM.

  2. Good looking game, never really liked DBM, is DBMM much better. I'm looking at Field of Glory at the moment, very large army possabilities.

  3. I was not a big fan of DBM but do like Dbmm despite it being a fairly complex set. I like the variety generated by Pip system, Stratagems etc. FOG is ok (I much prefer the Renaissance version) and definitely a more 'straightforward/old school' set.
    Good thing is basing is same for both.

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  5. Great pics of what looks like a great game. I've never played DBM only a few games of DBA, as a group we did talk about getting a small DBA/M campaign started but it failed to happen.