Monday, November 21, 2011

Warfare 2011

Attended Warfare show at Reading this weekend with 3 mates (yes I do have that many !) and a damn fine time had by all. New attendee this year was Stephen Pollock who on entry to show on Saturday morning was the proverbial 'kid in sweetie shop', I haven't seen a face of such excitement and delight since my young lad on a Christmas morn of yore !! Usual heady mix of trade stands, demo games (seemed to more than usual ?) and competition games.
Trade area seemed very busy on Saturday (no idea how it worked out for traders)

I of course bought nothing.................................................................................................................(only plausible if you don't check bottom of this post)

Some iPhone pics

Competition area

Armati demo game

Black Powder Napoleonic game in 15mm

Impressive 6mm Battle of Cambrai using Great War Spearhead

Lost Battles demo using miniatures with author

28mm WWII game with impressive jungle terrain

Demo game of War & Conquest Ancients

SYW in 15mm using Warfare In Age Of Reason

Poor pic of a very nice 28mm ACW game

More 28mm Ancients using Clash Of Empires this time

A very nice 28mm WWII skirmish game using Rules Of Engagement

Cant recall details of this, I think a dark age skirmish ? 

Wild West shoot out and nice to see budding gamers

A really nice terrain set up for a Blitzkrieg Commander WWII game in 15mm

A large Pirate game

A big (in every way !) Napoleonic game using 54mm kit and Black Powder on a huge table, I think this may have won best in show ?

Battle Of Newbury in 15mm using FOGR rules (Nice to see these in use for non-competition game)

As per usual the Brittain brothers unable to hack the pace 

My haul hard to believe this is £300+ worth ! I reckon we spent about £1100+ between us four loons  
When I am going to paint the new lead collection is quite beyond me


  1. Didn't buy anything you nearly had me but it is Monday, nice selection of pictures and games and £300.00 doesn't look a lot does it? I never quote totals as the SWMBO has been known to look at my blog!

  2. Great photos!!! laughed at the two Bruvs asleep!! Gotta agree with Fran above, never quote what you've spent at a show on your blog, is a very dangerous game!!

  3. Great looking event and I see you picked up some I ain't been shot Mum stuff as well.
    I agree the Blitzkrieg Commander and Nap board look very nice although 54mm is way bigger then I'd ever go. I only do 15mm and 28mm


  4. Nice looking show, had a mate there picking up about £75 of 15mm figures, so that should keep me going for awhile, just got to wait for him to return (he was working down that way).

    BTW at Con's I do my best to not know how much I have spent as a general rule.


  5. As regards my declaration of financial outlay my middle name is D for Danger........oh wait a minute its D for Daft :-)

  6. Great photos Sgt. I prefer to keep "mum" about what I spend too.