Friday, March 02, 2012

DBMM Minoan vs Assyrian

Played another Dbmm game today as Stephen desperate to field his Sargonid Assyrian army (very nice it is too), my Minoans were again the willing victims. Good game although my dice were pretty abysmal throughout both for movement Pips and Combats. Despite the fun factor of the game we both feel there is too much manouevre in Dbmm (and indeed most if not all Ancients rules) as groups are too readily able to re-deploy from one side of table to the other. However remove this manouevring and games would likely get a tad boring.
I hope to try Hail Caesar which of course seems to allow even slicker movement options !

The armies at deployment

Assyrian Cavalry
Assyrian 4 Horse Chariots

Minoan foot behind their Tower Shields

Assyrian Spearmen

Minoan Chariots

Minoans on the move

Assyrians on the move in usual 'away from me' direction

More Assyrian Chariots
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