Monday, March 26, 2012

No Retreat ! The Russian Front, Ivans victorious !

Played another game of No Retreat The Russian Front with my Father last night and another cracking game it was too. I was as ever Soviet facing the Fascists. Nazis made good progress in 1941 their only blip being failure to take Minsk at first attempt. Ivans were looking thin on ground at one point. However despite loss of Leningrad they once again firmed up their front around Moscow and managed to slow Nazis around Kharkov. The Ivan winter is a real saviour in late 1941 early 1942 as German attacks are diluted.
1942 was stellar for Ivans as they brought in reserves (I used very few cards as events using them mainly to churn out replacements) started upgrading units and held off every Nazi attack. This then led to 1943 seeing the red horde advance to the frontiers of the Reich !! The board in late 1943 looked very close to the historical situation of late 1944, with Ivans in strength lining up on borders and Army Group North cut off in the Baltic states. Turn 15 has a Sudden Death Victory check which the Ivans achieved by having 20VPs ie one over the 19VP target. Great game again which we are now playing much quicker. Za Rodina !!!!!

Awful iPhone pics

Mid 1941 Ivans thin on ground

Leningrad invested

Heroic defenders on Minsk (under the Counterblow marker) delay Nazis advance

A mere 18 months or so later and Red Army is massing near the Reich borders

Pushing into Poland and East Prussia (Soviet units nearly all upgraded by this stage)

Victory !!!!!!

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