Monday, May 18, 2015

Die Fighting 2 Napoleonic game

Face to face game with Stephen today with my French facing his Russians using Die Fighting 2 by Bob Jones.

Interesting game especially compared with first version which we played several times.

The use of Commands to generate Resource dice and their individual pooling of same is a major change from the original version and we felt this worked much better.

Especially as these pools can be restored on the Rally/Restore card.

The similar but new Card Phasing system is much easier than previously with all the nice but complex variations now in two essentially equal decks.

I also liked the latest updated rule regarding Proximity which allows units far from the enemy to move by using Free dice in lieu of actual Resource dice, a nice touch.

We pretty much got the hang of shooting and combat finding Heavy Artillery to be a constant drain on enemy (as they should be).

We both lost a unit to catastrophic loss which is another new rule when a unit loses a firefight or combat by 13+ it is instantly destroyed (rather than Routed as in DF although this was a later amendment).

Also units that suffer 7+ losses 'gain' a black dice in addition to Disorder which must be Rallied off but which counts as a minus dice whilst with the Disordered unit.

We did encounter one or two queries (which I will broach on the forum) main one being from the Napoleonic Template in relation to Attack Columns in Melee.
As we read it it seems these are a better Defensive Formation than Offensive which seems odd ?
Also in similar vein Cavalry seem to be better against a Square than Infantry in Line or Attack Column which again seems counter intuitive ?

Considering our usual pre-game waffling and newness to the rules we managed to get through a fair few turns in our 4 hour slot which is a bonus.

I would definately rate DF2 in same bracket as Field Of Battle 2 (no surprise as both have ancestry in Bobs Piquet rules) with both having their own pluses and minuses.

French deployment

 French Guard Artillery opens proceedings.........

 Russian left flank under a Foolhardy Commander

 Russian centre and right

 Engagement on French right

Prussian Heavy batteries which were a constant drain on French morale and progress

 Russian right wing

Old Guard push forward with one unit in folly of assaulting town

French chasing Russian Jager into heavy woods

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