Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Field Of Glory Ancients - Turgesh versus T'Ang Chinese

Game of FOGA at Stephens using a Central Asian Turk (Khazar) force against his T'Ang Chinese.
A very tense game with lots of maneuver including a successful flank march by two Turk Cavalry units.
Only downside being they arrived on turn two sort of giving the game away a tad.
We both put down a lot of terrain as both armies fielded almost half foot units.
This made for a cagey affair especially with my flank attack.
T'Ang have a lot of bow armed types whereas I mostly had Lances or other melee weapons.
Stephens foot had some tremendous rolls when charged by a couple of my mounted units saving him from several Cohesion tests and Death rolls.
Having an inspired General is a big bonus to Cohesion.

We failed to finish game as a lot Salute stories and acquisitions inspected.
But when we concluded my army was suffering a lot of Disruptions and several Fragmented/Routed troops so things were certainly looking favourable for the T'Ang.

Nice rules that suit a minimum preparation type game (one just points up an army and brings it).

Phone pics so bit fuzzy

Turk foot (Slavs and Bowmen) occupy a field with mounted on flanks

T'Ang foot arrayed (Crossbowmen and mixed Javelin/Bow)

Turk Horse Archers try to pin down T'Ang on my right prior to flank march

Flank march arrives a tad early

T'Ang withdraw in face of superior numbers

Turks trying to turn the flank

Clash of foot and Turk Cavalry in centre

Further action on right flank

And in the centre

Turk cavalry fail to break through and now Slav foot on left are threatened

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