Saturday, May 23, 2015

Maurice and a Nine Years War bash at Duc De Gobin's

First time visit to Duc De Gobins (Darrens) to play a game of Maurice using his very nice 25mm (mainly Dixon figures I think ?) Nine Years War Armies on his nice big table.

He has an awesome book collection that I spent some time drooling over and I think he put me on that side of his table to distract me ! :-)

I selected the French in defence against the Anglo-Dutch with 6 Regular Infantry 3 Conscript Infantry (an insult to the Irish Wild Geese figures) 2 Guns,and 3 Regular Horse and one Elite unit of Grade Francais foot, with Great Captain and A La Boinette traits.

Duc had similar amount of foot although he had two Elite Dutch Guards and an extra Mercenary foot unit, he had but one gun but with some 4 Regular horse.
He had traits of Maison Du Roi and the extremely lethal Lethal Volleys (those re-rolls are key attribute).

I had one Conscript unit in Garrison of a town.

I decided to go at the oncoming Anglo-Dutch to keep them as far from my lines as possible but my right wing Cavalry assault faltered on some previously unseen rough ground due to that damnable 'flying terrain' card !!
This put my Horse in all sorts of trouble.

Duc advanced his Elite Guard units in forefront on my left and it looked for awhile like they might carry the day alone with their Lethal Shooting.

I did however manage to beat them in melee by ganging up on them but two units of Horse from his reserve stopped me taking advantage.

He then lethally volleyed (are up picking up how important this trait is ?) two of my central units to bits tipping my Army morale into the dustbin and carrying the day for the Anglo-Dutch.

Great game using Maurice and some deep discussion about its merits and abstractions afterwards.

We plan to try Black Powder at next encounter.

Very glad to have made Duc's acquaintance through our Blogs, as I was oblivious to his presence so near at hand (a 30 minute drive which is pretty much same as Stephens only in opposite direction).
I liked his cunning plan of placing me on the collapsing chair !! :-)

Phone pics

Irish Conscript (!) Garrison

 French Horse poised

Initial moves

Anglo-Dutch surge forwards

 Their Horse looking on

 Battle is joined

French lines under pressure

Dutch Horse making nuisance of themselves (although one unit dealt with already)

More foot assault the French with lethal volleys

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