Saturday, May 30, 2015

Two days two games...........numero deux being another World War 2 bash at UWMS club

Managed another visit to Ulster Wargames Club at invite of Messrs Pentland and Smith for another game using Battle Group system.

Added bonus was that Norman was over from England and was attending also.

Another excellent set up by Adam with 20mm kit provided by him and David.

Scenario saw British (Adam et moi again ie gluttons for punishment) against Germans led by David and Norman.

British had to cross a canal and had a Heavy Bridging unit to provide a supplementary crossing for their vehicles.

British fielded (if my ailing memory serves) 2 Shermans a Firefly a Cromwell and an Achilles (a second Firefly standing in for this) with a Platoon of Infantry and a couple of 3" Mortars.
They also had a pre-planned Typhoon strike and a 25pdr Artillery strike.

Germans had an impressive 2 PzIVs 3 Stug IIIs a Stug IV with a Veteran Grenadier Platoon and a Veteran Fallschirmjager Platoon.

Both side had to roll each turn to see what amount of units turned up with Normans FJ having a special rule allowing them to appear at any of 6 arrival points (as it turned out they arrived on German baseline).

British managed to steal the jump on the Hun by flooding across the major bridge whilst laying their Bailey Bridge unmolested.
They occupied the Germans with timely Typhoon and Artillery strikes which decimate the inhabitants of a house (an German occupied Objective).

However German armour arrived in force and of course the British armour began to burn with the Cromwell going up first.
Two Shermans also brewed but luckily my Firefly ko'd a Stug and a PanzerIV in one action.

The dastardly Huns then managed to pull an Air Support chit and our lovely 'Tyffy' then stood in for a FW190 (truly a wolf in sheeps clothing) which caused merry hell as we had no dedicated anti-aircraft assets.
I mean who expects the Luftwaffe to arrive !!??

A bloody Infantry battle between David and Adam saw some to and fro Close Assaults with heavy casualties on both sides.

I managed a very potent stonk with the 3" mortars gaining three Direct Hits out of 4 dice rolled and then rolling above average kills with three Hun infantry units minced.

However the FJ routed another Brit section and the remaining Panzers dealt with the Firefly and Achilles in one turn.

Such losses pushed the Brits past their Battle Rating limit of 35 and the Huns were victorious having a much larger 55 BR limit of which that had lost 28 (?).

Another excellent game with these rules which played much smoother today despite one or two queries.
Not really a fault of the rules as such more to do with the complexity of WW2 combat and weapon systems.
It was the stated intention to use the AFV ammo limit rules today (Adam had a couple of Supply trucks fielded) but once game got going that soon went by the wayside as no one wanted to do the book keeping :-)

Great fun and another excellent game with a bunch/gaggle/herd/gathering of gentlemen wargamers.

Quiet before the storm. Setting was winter like (or NI in May) and Adam has spread some white sweetener on table as a quick yet effective sparse snow covering.

British bridge-layer prepares to deploy bridge across canal

First of Adams units rush across the bridge

 Followed by my Shermans

Stug IV arrives with tank riding Grenadiers

 And wintery PanzerIVs (one with Tank Ace onboard) and a Flakvierling

 Shermans cross bridge as bridge is being laid over canal

 Cromwell brews (Adam had brought along a destroyed model showing his confidence in the quality of British made armour !!)

More Germans arrive

 Bailey is up and Firefly crosses canal with dry feet

Shermans duel with Stug (this bugger survived 4 shots before brewing by Achilles)

 Cromwell continues to burn whilst Infantry occupy house

 Achilles (disguised as Firefly) cover right flank

Sherman in its natural state.....aflame....................... 

 More Hun armour appears

 Firefly guards left flank

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