Saturday, May 09, 2015

Field of Battle - Seven Years War with 'Duc De Gobin'

Played Field of Battle against new opponent 'Duc De Gobin' (aka Darren) who has an excellent blog at
He made contact after seeing my last post and we arranged a game at chez Steiner.
Darren has just received FOB and its WW2 version (for which he has interesting plans for using Bastogne booklet from Command Decision).
So I set up a FOB game with my SYW armies allowing Darren to choose sides (he picked the Russians) and we rolled for table edge.
I used the Scenario Generator from the rules which saw my Prussians deploying on their baseline. The Russians had use of two adjacent forward deployment zones but had one Brigade (an Infantry Brigade) delayed off table (for a mere 2 Move cards).
I fielded 24 Prussian units with 25 Army Morale and several below average Infantry units but good Cavalry and a Skilled sequence deck.
Darren had use of 28 units with an Average deck and 32 Army Morale.
Both CiCs turned out to be decent D12 chaps with most Brigadiers being D10s.

The game turned out to be a very fun fast and furious affair as Darren advised me he was the cautious type and then proceeded to hurl his mounted troops against mine post haste !
These mounted clashes saw several extremes of dice rolling with both sides losing units destroyed on the spot (which requires at least a difference of 6 on opossing dice rolls and winner rolling even).
We both had Brigadiers who refused to move their troops which exposed an advancing Prussian foot Brigade to being faced by two enemy Brigades and suffering badly as a result.
The short duration of the delay to the off-table Russian Brigade turned out to be a bonus as Darren was able to bring them on to support his struggling left flank Cavalry.
The Prussian morale deck was decimated and it was not long before I was out of Morale Chips.
Of course I then managed to turn two Army Morale cards in quick succession, surviving the first Army Collapse test but failing the second to end the game.
A decisive game that took us less than 4 hours to complete and with Darren being new to rules (so easy to teach with card/action system).
He seemed to enjoy the game (winning always helps) and rules and has plans afoot to use them for AWI etc.

Great stuff with a great set of rules and a great new opponent (if he does not run away screaming ?).

Russian left flank

 Prussian left with mounted about to clash beyond the town

Overall view of initial moves (note Prussian Brigade advancing to eagerly)

 And getting into trouble against two Russian Brigades

 Aftermath first encounter on my left with both sides reduced to half number of units

 Prussian centre really up against it

 Cavalry set to each other on Prussian right

 Overview mid game

 Russian view of the bloodbath on their left

 And the centre

 Prussian support arrives for beleaguered Brigade but too late

 Prussian horse gaining ascendancy over the Russian right

 Prussian Brigade that refused to move !!

 Russian 'reserve' arrives in timely fashion on their left

Prussian collapse in centre

 Undecided clash of horse on Russian left

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