Monday, May 11, 2015

Commands and Colors Ancients played

Played this at my Dads managing to play the first three scenarios.
Cannot recall first two scenario names but both set during 1st Punic war in Sicily with a Roman units standing for Syracuseans.
Third scenario was proper Roman versus Carthage bash Bagradas.
Three great games with plenty of blood letting and we fairly flew throw the scenarios.
Only mistake I think we made was with Elephants with my misreading of QRS.
I made them re roll any 'Sword' hits not realising it was an actual hit and a further roll for possible extra hits.
Elephants great fun as tough in attack but prone to rampaging during retreat with any and all adjacent friends or foes liable to suffer 'stomping' (hits).

Very playable system with card activations and actions with unique Hit dice (various symbols generating hits based on defender type). 
Another game with fairly simple mechanics but great gameplay and subtle depths and a Nice change of pace from our usual WW2 fayre.

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