Saturday, August 20, 2011

Die Fighting SYW action again

Another game using Die Fighting with our Seven Years War Russian and Prussian armies as Stephens' brother John came along and wanted to see Die Fighting in action. I generated the terrain and the scenario using Command Piquet system which saw fairly standard deployments but with Russians losing 2 units prior to game but Prussians having to deploy first. A very enjoyable game as ever with Ivans running out of dice in the end (rather too many actions attempted as I tried to show John how rules work). Prussians had rather decent commanders (generating some 30+ leader dice and Superior CinC)) but poor old Ivans a rather lamer bunch (a mere 17 leader dice and an Inept CinC) and combined with usual higher Command Divisor (we used 3 for ubermensch vis standard 4 for Ivans) and control over phase cards the Prussians command and control was much more effective (which seemed perfectly fine). John seemed to like the system although same initial comments as ourselves regarding 'bloodless' nature of combat and resource management being key. We allowed Leader dice to be used in Melee Defence and limited losses to maximum of initial value of units. The losses limit is probably enough in fact as one less likely to pile several leader dice into a combat if maximum dice loss one can inflict is thus limited. New Volgodski units managed to survive (mainly due to limited action with Inept sub-commander in charge).

Prussians line up in good defensive terrain (look at all those leader dice !!!)

Russians in more open half (spotting leader dice a tad harder and not because they are blue !)

Prussians deploy in town

Russian Cavalry massing

Prussian Brigades deploy in center 

Russian Infantry on left wing 

Prussian Infantry about to take hill position

Watched by Ivan

And voila the hill is quickly in Prussian hands

Ongoing Cavalry engagement on Russian right

Prussian center

Russian Infantry advance and suffer from Artillery fire


  1. Nice looking game Sgt.

  2. Anonymous8:56 am

    Nice to see another fan ? of Gavin Lyall's Operation Warboard - You never see him mentioned alongside contemporaries like Grant Featherstone and Young but his book remains one of the best written wargames rules books and it is still a very respectable set of rules after all these years.