Wednesday, August 17, 2011

New SYW Russian Units

Just finished up two more Russian Infantry units (Volgodski Regimental Standards) which is last (hopefully....ha ha ha) of a project thats been ongoing for 10+ years!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hope to blood them in game planned for this coming Saturday which is of course a sure fire method of seeing them suffer complete annihilation and humiliation.........................................

Next up are two more Prussian units of Landwehr Cavalry (24 figures) for Lasalle then the plan is to get stuck into the Peter Pig AWI British Army pack that awaits.
Intention is to get these finished (or at least bulk thereof) by mid-November as its hopefully annual jaunt to Warfare Show in Reading where 'new projects/periods' plans are usually hatched.

As ever poorly lit photos (although I did try using flash for one pic as someone suggested)

Is it just me or has the flash made the drummer to rear of central stand look decidedly evil (click to enlarge pic) ? I wont sleep tonight now !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 
Also tried to give this unit a more dusty campaign look but may have overdone on figs on right stand ?


  1. Nice unit and IMHO never use flash on pics. Just bring in more lighting if possible using either natural light or lamps or both if possible.


  2. Yip I would say evil Sgt! Nice unit.

    ALways facied SYW but haven't the time.

  3. Great stuff! The 7YW was the first period I painted and its still my favourite!

  4. Looking good.Just keep one eye on that drummer. I try to avoid using the flash too.

  5. great looking unit paint work well done!