Monday, August 29, 2011

Last Argument Of Kings SYW Battle

Another SYW game today this time using Black Powder and its supplement Last Argument Of Kings. Usual Russian versus Prussian bash. Stephen had actually read the rules (in contrast to myself) and had listed options for troops and new rules to be aware of (we stuck with our standard house rule of having Shooting Phase first in turn sequence). We used half measurements but even so on our 6' x 4' table with 15mm figures mounted could go a whopping 27" with 3 moves (we will try 1/3 measurements next time) Not much thought (ie time) devoted to scenario set up so we just threw out terrain (too restrictive in hindsight) . I fielded 6 Brigades (2 Mtd & 4 Inf) against 5 Prussian Brigades (2 Mtd & 4 Inf). We both advanced Mounted Brigades on my left and this developed into a swirling morass with both sides ending bruised and battered.
Russian Hussars won a major battle honour as they saw off a unit of Dragoons (saved 5 hits suffered and inflicted 4 out of 5 with 6 dice thrown whilst Stephen failed to save any !!) and an enemy Hussar unit which initially pushed them back but came of worst after Sweeping Advance (ie follow up), Huzza !! indeed......

Not much occurred elsewhere as Artillery ineffectual for both sides and Prussians (we gave foot Superbly Drilled, Steady and Platoon Fire) retired after initial advance as they felt unable to deal with solid Russian Infantry (they had Steady and Valiant). Supported units in BP are tough to beat frontally if steady which seems fine. Armies quite evenly matched compared to other sets we have used although Freddie does get a nice command bonus (essentially some extra order roll attempts).
A very playable and quick system that flows nice and smoothly. I f we use rules again we must devote more effort to scenario or pre-game preparations.

Prussians deploy

Russians line up in opposition 

Prussian Mounted Brigade on their left

Prussian Foot Brigade with Grenadiers to fore

Russian Infantry Brigades arrayed

Artillery shoots in center

Cavalry melee on Russian left with heroic Russian Hussars about to see off Dragoons on left


Prussian mounted retired battered (Russians similarly bruised)


  1. Good report!

    Bought BP last week so intrested to hear how it plays out

  2. Hi Willie

    Its plays fine if a bit generic 'out of the box' but very tweakable system (positively encouraged in fact). Interested to hear how you find the standard turn sequence ? we put shooting first as otherwise we found units sat and watched enemy advance and shoot them into disorder without response. Diluted somewhat in supplement but we find putting shooting phase first works better and has no ill effects (?) on rest of turn/system.

  3. Good report Sgt. Played BP a few times and we have LAOK but not been used yet.

  4. Fun report! Does the cotton indicate that a unit fired, and if so, what is it's purpose in the game? Just esthetic or did it effect movement?

    I like the new or additional rules in the LAOK booklet, but we haven't tried the "fire first then move" alternate sequence.


  5. Yes cotton wool indicates unit that fired (mostly as a reminder for Arty) we limited Arty in period to 1 move with -1 to Order roll if it fired in Shooting Phase.
    LAOK advises something similar but converse ie cant shoot if you move more than once or something like that.