Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Field Of Battle 2 (a sighting thereof)

Seem to have been waiting for this pre-ordered set of rules for eons but now a cover picture has appeared so they must be real and hopefully at chez Steiner very soon !
Sad to say first thing I will do upon arrival is open them and sniff (I kid you not) fresh ink/print a whiff of sheer wargamers bliss.....................................
Amazing how publication of new rules gets me all giddy like a girl I really must grow up someday............. not !!!!


  1. intrested to here your reveiw once they arrive!
    I prefer the smell of old print myself,I was flicking through some Model soldier mags from the seventys yesterday 12p for a 25mm fig them were the days!

  2. I recall when I could not afford metal figures and had to 'make do' with myriads of Airfix/Revell plastic 20mm :-)

  3. I recommend not growing up either, at least as far as enjoyment of the hobby is concerned!

    So that's cover art for two out of three of the pending projects, leaving of course... mine. Of course, I already know more or less what it will/should look like aside from minor details. As it was planned to release all three (FoB2, DoB2, and 1809) at the same time (not chiseled in stone by any means, though), I suspect it may be another month or so before all are done.


  4. "I suspect It may be another month or so before all are done "

    Ye gads say it isn't so !!!

    Must be terrible waiting for your 'babies' to appear ?

  5. Grow-up...well that thought has never occurred to me and like you I prefer to remain a happy big kid.:-)


  6. Nothing quite like that new-rulebook smell! :)