Sunday, August 14, 2011

FOG Renaissance Later German Catholic vs French

Back to fray after busy few weeks away and working with a FOG R game using a Later Catholic army against Stephen's French (he had painted up a few new command figures and wanted to give them an outing so he choose game). Another very enjoyable encounter.
I had several average units of Pike & Shot (Tercios gone by this period in lists) arrayed behind some field fortifications as they are tad under powered against the French foot which are Impact rated. As French also held back centrally therefore and with two artillery batteries in centre also this meant battle was fought on both wings amidst quite a bit of terrain.
On my left I deployed 2 Kurassier units combined with Commanded Shot and two units of lesser Reiters which came up against French Determined Horse units with three units of Dragoons and later a couple of Pike & Shot units. One unit of Reiters were decimated by Dragoons (two unlucky death rolls saw unit auto-break) and I had to then shuffle about to fill gap as French came on to try to exploit success through a vineyard. This wing was under severe pressure at game end with both Reiters gone, one Kurassier in Rout and the other in melee but in danger on its flank.
On my right wing I advanced my Tratischer (sword and buckler types) supported by Dragoons and Schutzen (Light Inf) revealing two ambushing units of enemy horse. My Tratischer gloriously charged a Pike & Shot unit (first time I have ever managed to get them into contact in a game !) and trounced it and also saw off a unit of Horse. Their victories were tarnished somewhat though in post match analysis (ie waffling session) as I realised the unit should have had only four bases not the six I fielded (got confused over order of march number vis least that's my excuse).  The Dragoons were destroyed but supporting Schutzen had inflicted damage and fragmented another unit of French Horse.
We had to call time with my Imperialists on 10 attrition points (15 needed) and French on 5 (I think 16 needed) so a 'winning draw' for French declared.

Imperial foot behind their defences

French Horse on their right

French center

Imperial Kurassier and Commanded Shot

Imperial left wing

Tratischer threatened by French Horse (after having destroyed enemy Pike & Shot unit)

French at start

French using vineyard to move against Imperial left

French ambushes revealed on Imperial right

Imperial left moves forward


  1. Nice looking table!


  2. Nice report, and nice figures too! What make are they?

  3. My Imperialists are mainly Essex with some Minifigs, mates French are again mainly Essex but with some Testudo (slightly larger looking chaps). The Essex Renn range is very good with lots if variety available the Testudo have real flair but definitely on the large side of 15s ie closer to 18 Minifigs are well.....Minifigs :-)